As it was explained and shown to us

the younger you are when you start, the lower the premiums are. I am pretty sure we would not have been able to afford it at all if we waited until we hit 60. Plus, my uncle needed to go into a nursing home at 55 for a neurological disorder and spent most of the rest of his life there. Those things I need to take care of in case and if not, we do get the premiums returned to us(or our beneficiaries) if we die without using the policy. Or we might have to plan what my bil plans for my sister…an accident by the pool :)!

My husband and I are in our mid-50’s

I’ve been socking away money for retirement for years but still have a ways to go. My husband on the other hand hasn’t been consistently doing the same. He spends most of his paycheck. He hasn’t been consistent in taking advantage of work-related 401K contributions. Very spotty and I know he’s withdrawn funds to pay for “stuff.” We’ll be lucky if we have $500K by the time we retire – and that’s relative since we work in high-tech (a known “young persons industry”).

Honestly, I’m ready to rent out our house and live in our finished basement, also I’m ready for payday loans online. He won’t have any of that. I’m totally stressed out that we won’t be ready and yet walk on eggshells thanks to his uncooperative and sometimes volatile personality. I am ready to do what it takes within my “handicap”. Any advice will be appreciated!

P.S.: I have Dave’s book

Life is short

but that doesn’t mean you become irresponsible and take a vacation to Europe and spend $40,000 you don’t have and put it on a credit card. yes, DR can be extreme at times, but in general going out to eat even if you are in debt won’t make or break your getting out of debt. But spending $500 on dinner or $50 on dinner before paying your water bill is another issue.

I totally agree with this sentiment

My DH was born in a third world country (Burma) and his parents worked very hard to get his family to the US.

They finally arrived here when he was 19 and he was just barely 20 years old when his Dad died on the job (airline pilot, couldn’t find work in the US so took a temporary job in Sudan and was shot down by insurgents due to his passengers).

My DH has since taken the perspective that life is too short to worry about a lot of what we worry about and I am slowly starting to see his perspective.

We were in Costco last night and I was looking at a snack food that I wanted but didn’t need and he told me the same, life is too short, please, buy it and enjoy. So we did.

FWIW we are debt free for the house and he is staying home with out baby girl so I am the primary breadwinner.