Frankly I was shocked at the cost of it

Everybody raves about how reasonable it is, and I’ve gotten quotes from a wide variety of carriers and they all hover in the high 5’s. Now maybe I’m asking for the world, but I won’t be jailed in my old age. I intend for people to care for me the same way I care for myself. If I get into a condition where I can only blink my eyes, I want someone to be paid enough to understand that I want a drink of water.

I don’t ever want to be a burden to my daughter and I’ve taught her from an early age that the only way she is going to get my car keys is from my cold dead hands. Hopefully she’s also learned that when the time comes, give me a set of keys to a car I had a long time ago and I’ll be content, but I want to hire a driver (not her or any family members inconvenience) who will take me riding just ’cause… So I try to keep abreast of any and all options for elder care which become available. I hope never to need them, but I believe in being prepared for the very worse case.