I am all for thinking and planning for the future

We must do it to have the means to live comfortably and not burden family and friends. However, it’s funny to me how when we’re still years (or decades) away from retirement that we think we want this or that, only when we get to retirement, we want or need something totally different. Or our situation has changed so much due to health or the market going down that our future wishes are only a pipe dream. I have seen this time and again from very close (my parents and inlaws) to aquaintainces (sp?). Even in my parents case, my dad was very well prepared financially for retirement.

Part of the plan for my parents was to enjoy their hobbies and travel. A few months before my dad’s official retirement, my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers. The progression of the disease has put a halt to her hobby, a canvas and folk art artist, and to travel for both of them.

My point is that we need to take into account that we may not have the physical or mental abilities we think we will, even if our family history for both is good. That is why I am an advocate of having a little fun now, after bs3 is done, and not putting it on hold till retirement.