I totally agree with this sentiment

My DH was born in a third world country (Burma) and his parents worked very hard to get his family to the US.

They finally arrived here when he was 19 and he was just barely 20 years old when his Dad died on the job (airline pilot, couldn’t find work in the US so took a temporary job in Sudan and was shot down by insurgents due to his passengers).

My DH has since taken the perspective that life is too short to worry about a lot of what we worry about and I am slowly starting to see his perspective.

We were in Costco last night and I was looking at a snack food that I wanted but didn’t need and he told me the same, life is too short, please, buy it and enjoy. So we did.

FWIW we are debt free for the house and he is staying home with out baby girl so I am the primary breadwinner.