My husband and I are in our mid-50’s

I’ve been socking away money for retirement for years but still have a ways to go. My husband on the other hand hasn’t been consistently doing the same. He spends most of his paycheck. He hasn’t been consistent in taking advantage of work-related 401K contributions. Very spotty and I know he’s withdrawn funds to pay for “stuff.” We’ll be lucky if we have $500K by the time we retire – and that’s relative since we work in high-tech (a known “young persons industry”).

Honestly, I’m ready to rent out our house and live in our finished basement, also I’m ready for payday loans online. He won’t have any of that. I’m totally stressed out that we won’t be ready and yet walk on eggshells thanks to his uncooperative and sometimes volatile personality. I am ready to do what it takes within my “handicap”. Any advice will be appreciated!

P.S.: I have Dave’s book