My plans were to retire at 60

I have since reconsidered this. 2010 was a devastating year as far as health concerns. I exhausted all of my savings, sick time, etc. I had to take a medical leave from January through August. I returned to work in September and have been sick several times due to immune system problems. This illness is a huge wake up call. I have always taken care of my health. I exercise, don’t drink, don’t smoke etc. That might not be enough. I may need a liver transplant in the future.

Count your blessings. We all have them no matter what the circumstances are. I am now rebuilding more than 6 months of expenses. I am planning on 18 months of expenses in case I have to have a liver transplant. My doctors told me 18 months due to the physical nature of my job. I am single so it is all up to me.

Now I hope to retire at 65! My hope is that I am healthy enough to work that long.